Terms and Conditions​

1. Andean Dinasty contract

The terms and conditions listed below constitute the whole understanding and agreement between Andean Dinasty and the client with regard to all reservations, trips, and activities provided by the company. The terms and conditions may affect the rights of the client and aplicable laws may be assigned to whatever eventuality that may occur throughout the trip. All persons that wish to make a reservation with us must read carefully and understand the Terms and Conditions. If reserving via telephone, website, or email with the company, you are therin accepting the Terms and Conditions. There is no verbal or written substitution for the prior agreement; all of the service and condition descriptions are expressed within this document and services are to be provided as stated in the reservation confirmation.

2. About trip reservations

In order to reserve a space for any of our excursions each client must fill out/do the following:

  • A reservation request form
    deposit 50% of the trip’s total per person
  • The cost of each trip must be paid in its totality 60 days before departure.

If a reservation is made 60 or less days before the date of departure the client must pay the total in full in order to confirm their reservation. The reservation will then be confirmed in writing via email by Andean Dinasty.

3. Trip payments

At ANDEAN DINASTY we believe in socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible tourism and we participate, via the activities we provide, in strenthening the customs and traditions of the communities listed in each of the itineraries that we offer.
If payment is not made within the listed deadlines the company reserves the right to cancel the trip reservation. No client will be permitted to embark on a trip without having previously made the respective trip payment to the agency.
In order for the company to confirm and guarantee the services the client has requested, the client must provide all of the details of their final payment before the dates listed in the lines above.
The client will provide all of the following personal information: passport number, first and last names as stated on government ID, birth date, nationality, medical conditions, allergies, and food restrictions. The company pledges to utilize this information solely for the use of reserving airplane tickets, entrance tickets, hotels, etc. that may be needed or utilized during the trip.

4. About accommodation

All hotel reservations are made based on double rooms. If the client has a special accommodaton need or needs a single room this needs to be communicated in advance. During the trip if the client would like to change accommodation, whether or not this will be able to happen is dependent on the rooms available at the established hotel where the client would then have to pay the difference for the change directly to the hotel.

5. Cancelling a reservation

If the client cancels the trip reservation the previous deposits will be returned depending on the cancelation policy fees. Cancelations must be made in writing and for payment return the date of the reception of the written cancelation by the company or its agents will be taken into consideration in order to determine applicable cancelation fees. If the reservation is cancelled 61 or more days before the trip, the cancelation fee will be $300.00 per person. In addition, if there are any penalties or cancelation fees, charges, or non-refundable deposits charged to Andean Dinasty by hotels, airlines, or other third parties that will be utilized throughout the trip, the penalty for this will be 50% of the total trip cost to be taken on by the client. If the client cancels the trip within 30 or less days before departure the cancelation penalty will be 100% of the total trip cost.

6. Unused services

The company will not provide any reimbursement for unused services such as hotel rooms, meals, trips that include visiting sites, or included activities, independently of whatever motive there may be other than sickness, death of a family member, etc. due to the fact that each trip cost is sold as a package.

7. Trip cancellation by Andean Dinasty

The company reserves the right to cancel any trip due to an insufficient nunmber of passengers on the trip (2 person minimum). If this should happen, trip reimbursement is for its total. Nevertheless, the company is not responsibile for additional costs incurred by the client prior to the trip (the purchase of airline tickets, gear, medical costs, visa procedures, bank penalties upon receiving your reimbursement, etc). Andean Dinasty will not cancel any trip in less than 60 days prior to departure except for reasons beyond control or unusual circumstances (such as natural disasters).

8. Airlines

The responsability of Andean Dinasty in air travel is limited by the specific conditions provided by each individual airline. We, as a company, do not have the specifications of each type of airplane that will be utilized by each airline. In addition, our company is not responsible for loss due to canceled flights or changed flight itineraries. The client cannot cancel the trip contract due to a flight change or the type of airplane it uses. The responsability of the airline is limited to the transfer of the number of passengers and baggage that are provided in the services listed in their terms and conditions.

9. Delays

Any cost incurred by the client as a result of a delay caused by bad weather, road conditions, transportation delays, sickness, government interventions or other contingencies of which the company or its agents cannot make any provisions for will not be reimbursed.

10. Itinerary changes made by the company

Itinerary changes may be made when the company considers it favorable for the comfort and overall wellbeing of the clients, putting safety first. Our company will take care to manage all trips in accordance to the original itinerary. If there are changes made, the company will let the client know in writing at the moment of making the reservation. If the change is due to unforseen circumstances due to uncontrollable causes, then no extra compensation will be made.

11. Behavior during trip

The client is obliged to obey local laws whether that may be via immigrations, customs, visa laws, or medicine and drug laws of the local country as well as must respect the traditions, customs, language, and religion practiced in the places visited throughout the trip.

12. Luggage

The company does not assume any responsability for lost or damaged luggage that may ocurr throughout the trip in the airports or public places visited.

13. Medical insurance

All Andean Dinasty clients must be covered by a travel insurance company that provides health or medical insurance. The insurance policy must cover bodily harm, medical bills, emergency helicopters or planes, repatriation and evacuation fees. The client is obliged to verify that their insurance has medical coverage sufficient for the trip.

14. Travel insurance

We recommend that the client have personal travel insurance that covers luggage, flight cancelation, flight delay, lost items, and theft, all of which can create a great level of frustration on the trip. If the client does not have any travel insurance then the client understands that the price of the trip does not cover any of the eventualities listed above. Once travel insurance is obtained, the client must be sure that the insurance company is aware of the type of trip the client will be taking.

15. Advertising

The client accepts that the company can use the client’s images taken during the trip without providing any sort of compensation for them for marketing and advertising purposes.

16. Travel documents

The client must own and be in possession of a valid passport, all necessary visas and permits, and vaccination documentation required throughout the entire trip. The client accepts responsibility for obtaining these and any other necessary documents and is solely responsible for any adverse consequence during the trip as a result of their omission. The information or advice provided by the company about visas, vaccinations, weather, clothing, gear, special equipment, etc. is purely consultative and given in good faith as a courtesy to the client. The company is not responsible for any error or omissions in regards to the information provided.

17. Optional activities

The optional activities listed do not form part of the trip in the contract. It is understood and accepted by the client that this information is provided during the trip and the decision to engage or not in said activities lies solely under the client’s jurisdiction and responsability.

18. Complaints

If our client has a complaint to be made against the company for any service the client must advise the company representative about the incident as soon as possible during the trip in order to immediately make any corrections or ammendments to the case and provide a solution to their complaint before the trip is finalized.

19. Privacy policy

We will solely utilize personal information that the client gave the company with our providers: individuals or compannies that will help us operate the solicited services for the client. We will do everything possible in order to protect the personal information the client gave our company.

20. Signing the trip terms and conditions

I have read and completely understand the content of all the legal specifications in this document. I am conscious that this is release of all responsability and a contract between my person (client) and Andean Dinasty (company). The following signatures certify that both parties are in agreement about the terms and conditions for providing this trip and form part of this contract.



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