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We are a Peruvian company located in the city of Cusco with 20 years shared experience guiding and exploring the different attractions that Cusco and all of Peru have to offer. This enables us to offer our clients a variety of cultural, rural community, and adventure tour packages.
We provide professional experts for each of our excursions, touristic minibuses specially equipped for comfort, and the best team available for adventurous excursions.
At ANDEAN DINASTY we believe in socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible tourism and we participate, via the activities we provide, in strenthening the customs and traditions of the communities listed in each of the itineraries that we offer.

Certifications - Licenses


Gerencia Regional de Comercio Exterior, Turismo y Artesanía


Prevención de la Explotación Sexual de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes, en el ámbito del turismo

Values and goals of Andean Dinasty for opperating responsibly

  • Utilize locally owned infrastructure for lodging and transport whenever possible.
  • Utilize touristic transportation or airlines with excellent reputations.
  • Prohibit our clients’ participation in sexual or commercial activities or the use of illegal drugs during our trips.
  • Work to prevent child sexual exploitation in tourism.
  • Teach our travelers about how and why we choose to travel the way we do.
  • Offer employment opportunities to the local population.
  • Respect the local culture and traditions during our excursions.
  • Limit the physical impact of our journeys in all of the communities that we visit, specifically in natural environments and with sensitive cultures.
  • Provide support to the local communities visited by our groups.
  • Encourage our travelers to interact with local people.

Prohibit our clients from buying gifts made of the fur or feathers of endangered animals.

We are ecologically and socially responsible

For our company it is of utmost importance to participate in responsible tourism due to the great respect we hold for the customs, traditions, languages and religions of the local people. Because of this, we hope to have as little an impact as possible in all of the places we visit.

We encourage the use of aluminum water bottles in order to refill them the amount of times necessary on the trip while avoiding excess use of plastic bottles that contaminate the environment.

We also encourage our clientele to speak in Spanish or Quechua whenever possible as to diminish the language barrier formed otherwise and therein create a better relationship with local people. This also allows us to recognize that tourism of any type has an impact on the places visited but we can minimize this by being as socially responsible as possible.

At ANDEAN DINASTY we want your journey to Peru to be unforgettable and we have all of the skills to make it so. For this reason, we will act responsibly in each place we visit while also providing cultural experiences in order to truly enjoy the Peruvian way of living throughout your journey.

Why choose Andean Dinasty

We are local operators with a shared experience tour guiding of over 20 years, having had worked for different companies exploring and visiting the attractions of the region of Cusco, Peru, and South America. This experience gained was the perfect motivation for providing our clients with a unique opportunity to share in the different activities and traditions of the local people on all of the tours that we offer.

Communication before departure

This is highly important to us. At Andean Dinasty we are always available to help resolve any doubts or questions previous to your journey whether it may be via telephone or email. We want all of your experience with us to be exactly as you planned.

Our itineraries are flexible

We design flexible trips depending on the needs and time frame that you, your family and your travel partners may have. We will visit the places that you desire with a personalized itinerary (following our suggestions) so that your trip will be exactly to your liking.

Your safety is very important to us

For Andean Dinasty your safety during your trip and stay in Peru is of utmost importance to us. As a company we pledge to provide a quality transport service throughout our excursions in agreement with Peruvian laws and regulations.

All of our tranportation vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring, seat belts, an oxygen tank, a first aid kit and limited speed accumulation (90km/h) all of which help guarantee your safety throughout your excursion.

Knowledge and experience

We as tour operators work with expert local guides that have profound knowledge of our history and are proud of the live culture we uphold in Peru. Throughout our excursions our guides will be willing and able to share the information they possess of the magic of local festivities that you will encounter on your journey.

Transfers included

We, understanding that arriving to the airport of an unfamiliar country or city can be stressful and complicated, specifically at the moment of choosing a safe mode of transportation to get to your hotel, include both arrival transfers from the airport to your hotel as well as departure transfers once your tour is finished.

For ANDEAN DINASTY your safety is important. This is why one of our representatives will await you upon your arrival holding a sign from our company. This representative will also be in charge of your transfer to your hotel.



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